Dance Studio 1:

This room has wall to wall mirrors and with the dividing wall can combine both studio floor spaces to create a large functional room which can cater for all types of dance, meetings, training groups and large groups.

This room is 49 metres squared.

Dance Studio 2:

This dance studio has a sprung floor suitable for a wide variety of dance and fitness classes. There are also wall to wall mirrors. This room can also cater for training groups and large group meetings. There is a dividing wall which increases floor space considerably by combining both dance studio 1 with dance studio2.

The size of this room is 43 metres squared.

Dance studio 1 & 2 combined:

Studio 1 & 2 can be hired as one large training space. This extra floor space makes this large room suitable for practically any occasion including large dance groups and large meeting groups. This room can cater for up to 70 people.

This room is 92 metres squared.