Tigers Childcare Ongar provides a high quality of early education and care for children aged 3 years to 13 years. We understand the importance of these early years in a child’s life. We provide high quality environments, interactions and experiences that help each child reach their own potential. Your child’s entry into our programme marks a wonderful journey for both you and your child.

Although this may be your child’s first experience of group learning, we see each child as an individual and their journey as unique. We employ passionate childcare professionals. Our internal training programmes mean our learning is dynamic and evolving continually. Our practitioners use the child themselves as the lead in all learning. A programme is built around each child’s unique needs to provide a stimulating, safe, and nurturing environment. We see each child as unique, and their learning path as individual.

Email address: info@tigerschildcare.comWebsite: tigerschildcare.com/

PRESCHOOL – 3 to 5 years086 140 8031 

  • Tigers Preschool operates under the Early Childhood & Education (ECCE) Scheme which provides children with access to a free preschool year in the year before they start primary school.
  • We use Project Bubbles, an award winning series of childcare and preschool resources developed in Ireland, to plan our curriculum which is in line with the principles of Aistear and Siolta.
  • Our opening times are 9:15-12:15.

AFTERSCHOOL – 5 to 12 years086 027 6752

  • We provide a number of services to suit your childcare needs:
  • Breakfast Club: Breakfast Club starts at 7:30am-9:00am, here children have a nutritional start to the day with a choice of cereals and toast, they also get a chance to unwind before the start their day.
  • Hour Club: 1:10-2:10 / 1:40-2:40.
  • Homework Club: 2:40-3:40, allows children to do their homework in a quiet supervised room.
  • Full Time Care: 1:10.1:30-6:30
  • Part time care (hours to suit your needs)
  • For more information you can contact Shannon on 086-027 6752 or drop into us upstairs in Ongar Community Centre.

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